Digital transformation in Healthcare

India has immense potential for digital growth in healthcare industry, and if we make use of this time, we will not be left behind. India is emerging as a leader in digital health, with increased accessibility, improvement in technology, and with economic advancement. Both public and private sectors in the country are showing great interest […]


Positive future for Clinical Research in India

The Past Public interest litigations filed against many clinical trials conducted in India tarnished the image of this research to a large extent. Many trials were stopped and principal investigators grounded. Supreme Court directive to reframe the rules to provide improved protection to trial participants brought another twist in this realm. The new regulations had […]


Consumer-focused healthcare

Making healthcare experience better and easier is one of the key features to attract and retain loyal consumers in this realm. The value equation for any health provider in this era is to provide better care, consistent quality, and uniform access, all at a lesser cost. So what are the factors that will help in […]