In olden days the joint family culture ensured that there were enough experienced and elderly people around expectant mothers to guide and support during pregnancy and further. With more and more families now going nuclear, today’s parents-to- be face a major challenge with pregnancy and child care.

With this premise, we bring to you ‘Savika’ – a digital midwife to help you throughout your pregnancy journey. Savikas were midwives responsible for pregnancy care in royal households and enjoyed an exalted status in the house. So who else can you trust than the royal midwife herself!

Savika is a comprehensive pregnancy app specially designed to hand-hold expectant parents through the pregnancy journey. Savika enables an ecosystem where spouse, family, friends and care givers come together to make this a joyful ride for you.

Savika was conceptualized post an extensive user survey covering expectant parents, gynecologists, nutritionists, psychologists and other care givers. Savika intends to be the one-stop destination for everything pregnant.

Salient features of the app are;

  • Personalized, Contextualized, Localized content
  • Store, share your medical records with relevant people
  • Reminders / Alerts for tests / medications / vaccinations
  • Track your health / progress of your pregnancy
  • Live chat / call with physicians
  • Webinars by experts on pregnancy care